Fair Trade USA interview links

Here are links to the various files I presented during my interviews with Fair Trade USA on Tuesday, May 25th. This page can be accessed via the shortcut https://www.stevemckiernan.com/fairtradeusa

Discussion with Matt Pope and Jespir Gonzales

We discussed the Find a Provider site for Home State Health, focusing on these aspects:

Note that more information about the Find a Provider project, and others, is available in my Portfolio Presentation.

Discussion with Rosemary Ampuero-Jacobs

  1. Find a Provider site for Home State Health
    1. To review the Accessibility Details feature, we searched in St Louis, Missouri in the Allwell Medicare HMO network for Alexia M Munter, CNP
  2. Portfolio presentation
    1. This presentation includes further discussions of the Accessibility Details feature
  3. “Register Product” Brainstorming in Miro
  4. “Register Product” wireframe as a clickable prototype
  5. “Register Product” wireframe source file in Figma